24th September 2021

Q&A – Common Questions

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I’ve got a blue screen and nothing works.

Before doing anything note what message is on the screen (Stop Error) & what you were doing before the incident occurred. It may be related to a recently installed device. Once you’ve made notes, restart the device. If the problem persists please email support with a note of the error message.

My computer is running too slowly!

This could be a simple fix – Are you running multiple programs at once? Scheduled system scans or updates can also cause slow performance. A good IT Support partner will handle all your scans and updates for you automatically, outside office hours. Very often a restart will resolve the issue – so please try that first but if the problem persists you should send an email to the support help desk.

Why do I need to shut down my machine?

Over time, your computer will become bogged down with open apps, software, files, and background processes that inevitably cause it to run slower. The easiest way to fix these performance issues is to simply shut down or restart your machine regularly. Even if you manually shut down your application there can still be data and processes that remain in the background.
A shutdown and reboot almost always improve computer speed and reliability.

I’m working from home and my VPN disconnects frequently, how can we make it more stable?

VPNs can disconnect more frequently over a low-strength wireless connection so if you are using a wireless connection, check the signal strength and move closer to your home router if it is not a strong connection. If that doesn’t improve the reliability, use a network cable. This will aid in ruling out wireless or internet connection issues.

I am working from home and I am unable to access my shared files or application.

Are your files or program hosted in the office? Your VPN is how you connect to the office network, Isis it connected, look in the taskbar, right-click on the Green Sheild, and click connect to “Your office”.

My internet connection is slow but my ISP says that everything checks out, what could the issue be?

How many wireless devices are connected to your home router? The more wireless devices connected the slower it will seem as if each device is allowed to talk on the wireless channel in turn and wait for their next turn – it all happens quite quickly but can cause streaming videos to buffer and web pages to load slower. Also, check how many wireless networks appear when you search for wireless networks on your device, the more there is the more interference you will get and the slower it will be. Most home routers will attempt to tune the settings automatically but they are not always efficient. We can help tune the settings on your router to improve the situation.

Why do I keep losing access to the wireless network?

If your Wi-Fi connection is normally stable then this could be due to an overloaded Access Point that you are currently connected to. Try moving to another seat and checking if the connection becomes more stable. If it does, report the issue to the support team so they can upgrade the Access Point.

One of my screens looks zoomed in, they are the same size screens.

Check your screen resolution settings under Settings -> System -> Display. Click each screen and ensure they are set to the recommended option. If they are the same then check the ‘Scale and layout’ for each screen, found in the same settings page, and that they are the same.

My wireless mouse has stopped working, it was fine before I restarted the pc/a computer update/moved the pc.

Change the batteries for brand new batteries.

I have too many passwords I can’t remember them all. Why can’t I keep one password for all my logins?

Use a password manager like Last Pass and it will become much easier. Having the same password makes it too easy for someone to steal your intellectual property.

I’ve just deleted an important file, what can I do?

The first step is to check the recycle bin. If that fails, your IT Support partner can help you because they should be backing up all your data, so anything you delete should be recoverable. Backup and disaster recovery solutions can restore your entire organization’s data after a disaster – maximizing business continuity.

I just closed my document without saving it – what can I do?

This is a common occurrence and can often send users into panic mode when they accidentally do it.
However, all your work is not definitely lost. If you have Auto-Recover options enabled in Microsoft Office, then there are some easy steps to recover your work.
If not, you can also search for Word backup files by clicking “open”, “computer” and then browsing to the folder where the file was last saved. You may also be able to find your file by performing a search on your computer for temporary files with a .tmp file extension or a ~ prefix.
If you are using One Drive or Teams then your documents are always autosaved.

My computer does not recognize my USB device

If it’s a USB storage device you may not be prevented from using the device by your IT policy
You could try using a different port on the system. Does the device work on another user’s machine? If you have tried these troubleshooting methods and still have no luck, then your IT support helpdesk can help with some more in-depth troubleshooting.