27th January 2022

The Flex IT Solutions Security Assessment

IT solutions have enabled your team to work effectively and with flexibility. We've all become used to the idea that working from home is a part of everyday life. However, the risk of cyber-criminals accessing and corrupting data and files has been amplified by mobile and home working. Accessing information from multiple remote devices can compromise security.


Flex IT Solutions wants to prevent your business from facing significant data breaches, ransom demands, disruption to services and full-scale system recovery. For this reason, we would strongly recommend a security assessment of your IT systems and processes. This will present you with a clear picture of your organisation’s defence against cyber-criminals.


Our security assessment framework is based on National Cyber Security Centre’s Small Business Guide and 10 Steps to Cyber Security, combined with best practices from the IT industry and Cyber Essentials. Following a thorough assessment, we will report security strengths and vulnerabilities. Our recommended actions are presented with ‘traffic light’ indicators, so you are clear about security priorities.


With this insight, you can make informed decisions about enhancing the security of your IT infrastructure.  Your actions will depend on your risk appetite. What impact would the loss or damage of data and IT systems have on your productivity, business reputation and profits?


“Four in ten businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) report having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.”

 – Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021


“Every organisation is a potential victim. All organisations have something of value that is worth something to others, every organisation connected to the Internet should assume they will be a victim.”

 – National Cyber Security Centre


Our security assessment begins with questions to help us to understand your current business structure, processes and IT systems. This is followed by a detailed review of the systems and infrastructure. Our findings are presented in a report with our recommendations for heightening IT security.


  • Basic Assessment - providing a clear understanding of your defence against Cyber Attacks


  • Full Assessment – more detailed insight for businesses working towards Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001 Certification


For either option, we can install our “Threat Analyser” to monitor network traffic to enhance our report findings.


Our services, manifesto and details about IT security assessments can be found at www.flex-itsolutions.com  or contact Jamie Read or Geoff Parkins at Flex IT Solutions on 0333 101 7300.