Client Stories

Ptarmigan Media

Ptarmigan Media Ltd and Flex IT met as two businesses in their infancy; small, but with big ambitions. We forged a partnership, built a trusted relationship and supported each other’s development.

Over time, people, places and technology have changed. Both businesses have grown to serve local and international clients. Ptarmigan Media held confidence in Flex IT’s understanding of their evolving needs, knowing us to be proactive in providing secure and reliable solutions.

As Ptarmigan Media relocated, we were on hand to support four IT system moves. Our knowledge and expertise ensured business continuity at these times of upheaval.

Flex-IT approach

  • Project

    Equipping a growing business with technology and support to meet evolving needs.
  • Timeframe

    This has been a long-term partnership that has lasted for over a decade.
  • When a cyber-breach was identified at the company, our disaster recovery plan supported a prompt and efficient response. We were able to contain the issue and prevent escalation.

    More recently, the pandemic hit. Our solutions to future-proof operations meant everything was in place to support remote working and maintain business as usual through the lockdown.


    As an international company, Ptarmigan Media needs evidence of robust security, reliability and performance measures to reassure their clients. Our fully managed service and trusted relationship have enabled them to fulfil expectations.

Services included

    • Establishing a Microsoft 365 tenancy with all licensing transferred
    • Moving email from On-Premises to Office 365 and providing full setup and management
    • Enabling SharePoint within the 365 tenancy and Implementing 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to strengthen VPN security and access
    • Establishing computer deployment through MS Azure using Microsoft’s End Point Manager Intune.
    • Hardening user access passwords and establishing policies for security
    • Implementing Microsoft Defender to provide Advance Spam Detection
    • Collaboration with a Security Partner to help monitor the Endpoint Detection &
      Response protection platform.
    • Install Patch Management application to all End Points to ensure all systems are updated automatically.

Project statistics

93.4% Customer satisfaction
92% 1st response SLA met

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